IT Security

We take IT security seriously

We consider IT security in all our services and solutions.

We recommend our customers focus on IT security and responsible data use. That's why we recommend our customers get the D label. The D-label is Denmark's new labeling scheme for IT security and responsible data use.

A D mark makes it clear that the company shows digital responsibility and thus provides both business value for the companies, security for consumers and customers and creates a stronger digital Denmark.

It is crucial that consumers and customers trust the digital services we use every day. Today, it can be difficult to know whether a company has good IT security and handles our data in a responsible and ethical way or not. The D brand will change that.

The D-mark is relevant for all types of companies and guides companies to more easily gain an overview of what they must live up to in data security, data protection and data ethics.

Industriens Fond is behind the D-mark in collaboration with Danish Industry, Danish Business, SMEDanmark and Forbrugerrådet Tænk. The D-mark is supported by the Danish Business Authority and is an independent private organisation.

Haug-IT has partners who can help companies complete the process towards a D-marking.

Contact us for a dialogue about IT security.